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        Company News
        3D print compared to the traditional mold manufacturing has a natural advantage Date:2013/10/15 9:06:45 From: 【Close】

        Experts believe that: 3D print is becoming the new theory of manufacturing industry, what are the "play", but at this stage should not blindly launched 3D print making, and application in the independent research and development of the "edge", "created in China" the ability to quickly upgrade.

        In Lu Bingheng the auspices of the National Engineering Research Center of rapid manufacturing, through the 3D print product development for the enterprise, has covered from the mobile phone to a variety of electronic products, TV, WYSIWYG, and palpable sense, "the development speed can even reach to the original 10 times".

        "To shorten the development cycle and cost, 3D print compared to the traditional mold manufacturing has a natural advantage." International model assist secretary-general Luo Baihui expresses, at present the world's three largest car manufacturers have been on 3D print to design prototype, almost all of the body shape can be so rapid prototyping, vehicle materials from plastics to resin, then to plastic, resin coated with a layer of metal mold, forming a transition. This process can create a dozen 3D prototype, used for modeling, collision, the road tunnel, multiple validation, "development cycle only the original 1/3 to 1/5".

        A lamp enterprises to tender, 48 hours just print out the lights prototype. When two other competitive enterprises to design mould, was two months later -- obviously, companies in the first "first come first served".

        In the view of intelligent manufacturing experts, manufacturing industry to introduce a large number of 3D printing equipment, for the expansion of production capacity, is neither realistic nor necessary, 3D printing for printing special complex small piece, this characteristic is in line with the requirements of personalized development company.

        Automobile, power generation equipment, tractors, construction machinery and other production in China has ranked first in the world. In the automotive and aviation fields, in the manufacture of automobile and aircraft engine design, key components to design a metal ball, using the traditional casting, machining, relies on similar sculpture "subtraction"; but because it is a very fine hollow spheres, 3D printing is more suitable, engineers only need to determine the ball inner circle diameter, will be able to stack up a little bit of metal material, similar to the "additive on pottery".

        Data shows, in 3D printing equipment production, the United States of America now accounts for 71% of the world, Europe accounted for 12%, Israel accounted for 10%, China accounted for only 4%. With this device marks the national innovation ability in a certain extent.

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