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        Company News
        China's steel production capacity of more than 9 tons in 2013 is expected to Date:2013/10/15 8:56:13 From: 【Close】

        In the past ten years, with the rapid development of our economy, the demand for steel products is increasing; at the same time, iron and steel production capacity has been ranked first in the world; according to the China Steel Association vice president Zhang Changfu in a meeting in 2012 revealed that, by the end of 2012, China's crude steel production capacity will reach 9 tons. According to the published 2011 national crude steel production capacity of 8.63 tons as the basis, the National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2012 1-11 month black metal smelting and rolling processing industry completed investment of over 455600000000 yuan, grow 2.7% compared to the same period, China steel spot network according to the model estimates, it will form 50000000 tons of production capacity, so to count by the end of 2012 the national crude steel production capacity reached 9.2 tons is not a problem

        According to the mold at the end of 2012 survey, in 2013 the national steel new capacity investment display, including steel, JISCO, Chongqing, Shagang, Bayi, many steel enterprises have new higher furnace production capacity of the plan, a total of nearly 40000000 tons. That is to say, the total production capacity in 2013 all the major statistical steel will reach 9.6 tons, plus many not included in the statistics of black steel plants, small steel production capacity, will more than 10 tons.

        At the same time, the 2011 national crude steel apparent consumption was 6.85 tons, up to 7.1 tonnes in 2012; after China steel spot network estimates, 2013 crude steel apparent consumption may reach 7.6 tons; this point of view, China's iron and steel industry capacity than the apparent consumption of excess, is really many.

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