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        Company News
        2012 automobile mold industry investment market research point of view Date:2012-08-29 From: 【Close】

        While this year's Premier Wen Jiabao made ​​an lower "7.5" economic development plans, but for China's mold industry, even though the overall industry growth rate may slow down, but because of the mold needed to develop new products, increasing thus the domestic mold market booming production and demand will continue to achieve steadily trends. It is reported that since 2011 the mold industry, a substantial increase in investment in fixed assets, which ensures an annual production capacity of 2012 to improve and enhance the level, while the largest user of the mold like automobile industry, although the growth rate fell sharply than in the past, but the consumer senses , did not slow down the pace of development of new models, so there is still much room for development. In addition, many countries, construction of key projects, key projects require a lot of mold, therefore, for the present state of development, the domestic market demand will continue to grow mold.

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