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        Shanghai FE Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the timely marketing mode, the rapid development of mold, often create sales miracle! Companies adhere to the integrity as the principle of development, completed the transformation from the mold sale enterprise to mold development and sales of professional mold manufacturing enterprises in the shortest period of time.

        We welcome you to join us, to create a national real estate brand advantage.

        Here we have the youngest and most passionate team;

        We have a common wish here;

        Today we work together, we share the fruits of the future.

        Whoever intentionally engaged in mold industry individuals or groups, the company will provide all legal license and procedures, in order to solve all your any menace from the "rear". Our company has its own independent, perfect marketing system, enormous future opportunities allow you to truly experience the mold production sales bring to you.

        If you are a person of noble aspirations, want to make full use of your talents; if you are the elite, to more development; if you want to challenge high salary, you are welcome to join the benefit of three real estate. We firmly believe that hard work and ideas. As long as you dare to think, we will provide one of the most advantageous to you free play platform for you.

        "FE" welcome you to join, let us join hands in creating a better future!

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        Shanghai FEI Industry Precision Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD. Copyright@2010 Support:Duzheng
        Address: Shanghai city Minhang District Shen Du Road No. 3189 Building No. 6 Tel:(021)-22819118 Fax:(021)-54311157