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        About Us
        The factory size is around 1500 square metres. We have more than 50 employees including professional mould designers and many experienced toolmakers. We do various product analysis and give our clients feedback during the tool making process. CAD/CAE/CAM is widely used in our tool design process. The Seamless transition between tool design and manufacture makes the process efficient and reduces lead times. We believe a shorter tooling lead time brings positive benefits to our clients. Our expertise lies in manufacturing die casting tools, Mg thixomoulding tools, and plastic tools. We are especially experienced in making moulds for: Parts with threads, gears, translucent parts, PC plastic parts, mechanical housings and higher melt material parts etc. Our moulds are generally used in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical Apparatus and Instruments, Farm and Lighting industries. We have ISO 9001 accreditation and we follow this quality system to strictly control our processes and administration. Our clients are satisfied with our excellent quality, great service and competitive pricing. Our policy is to do things right and offer an excellent service to our customers. You are very welcome to contact us with any enquiries or technical queries.
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        Shanghai FEI Industry Precision Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD. Copyright@2010 Support:Duzheng
        Address: Shanghai city Minhang District Shen Du Road No. 3189 Building No. 6 Tel:(021)-22819118 Fax:(021)-54311157